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Protest Against the Illegal Occupation By State Of Israel

We are an a group of multi-faith professionals comprising lawyers, doctors, and various concerned individuals that founded BoycottIsrael.co.uk - an independent organisation that is vocal against the illegal occupation of the State of Israel and the continued humanitarian disaster as a result of the occupation affecting millions of Palestinian people throughout the years.

At Boycottisrael.co.uk, we hope that the continued education and awareness spread by the global Boycott Israel movement spearheaded by BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) would enlighten people that the continued illegal occupation of the territories in question should cease and that the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 adopted on 23 December 2016 - which calls for the return of the seized Palestinian land, could finally be a reality.

All donations and proceeds from sales are channeled to Palestinian NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation) which includes the Palestinian Children Relief Fund amongst others.

We are very much focused on creating awareness of the importance of educating the public on why a sustained approach to the BDS movement is very likely the only way that the persecution and injustice suffered by Palestinians could be put to an end.

Fatima Jamal



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